Wars protect Arab countries from corona

March 21, 2020
Yemen, Syria and Libya are fighting infighting, not corona Yemen, Syria and Libya are fighting infighting, not corona Arab countries under fighting with weapons

Egyptian News Vision: - If some political regimes succeeded in trapping the new corona virus, as a benefit 19, then wars contributed to protecting other countries, which the virus did not enter.

China, the source of the virus that has spread around the world, and while the demonstrations were the first news that came from Hong Kong, for more democracy, months before the virus appeared, would not have succeeded in trapping the Coronavirus in Wuhan, which has a population of 12 million Nessma, had it not been for the dictatorial regime that took decisive decisions to punish every quarantine.

Although armed conflicts have hindered the efforts of international organizations to besiege the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, wars in some countries have been sufficient to prevent the entry of the Coronavirus, even though some do not have a strong health infrastructure.

The three countries are: Syria, Yemen and Libya, and there is no doubt that the failure of these countries to report casualties does not necessarily mean that they are free of potential injured.

In Syria, the Ministry of Health confirmed that no injury was recorded, and the authorities took a number of proactive decisions to avoid the spread of the epidemic, suspended the study in universities, schools, and public and private technical institutes, prevented cafes and restaurants from working, and stopped all sports and cultural activities and gatherings.

In Yemen, the Minister of Health said that all arrivals to the country have been subjected to checks, and no injuries have been identified.

The country's authorities issued a package of anti-virus decisions, most notably the suspension of all flights for two weeks.

In Libya, the head of the Libyan National Center for Disease Control said that the country is free of the Corona virus, but it is not in a position to combat it.

The Libyan government, which is internationally recognized, announced that it had allocated about $ 360 million to combat the disease upon its arrival.

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