Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - There is a relationship between sleep and dementia, but the relationship actually exists between the number of hours of sleep and the incidence of this disease, and this is demonstrated by a recent study conducted on a sample of eight thousand British people whose ages start from 25 years.

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - British epidemiologist Tim Spector believes that there are common signs of long-term infection with the Coronavirus, and said: "If you suffer from a persistent cough, hoarse voice, headache, diarrhea, shortness of breath and poor appetite in the first week, you are two to three times more likely to develop long symptoms. Term".

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - Health experts have determined how much water a person needs per day in two liters as a minimum. What is the amount of water that the body needs in the month of fasting? What is the ideal distribution of that quantity between Iftar until Suhoor?

Daily Times, United Arab Emirates: - A recent study on coffee proved that this drink can reduce the likelihood of hearing loss in men.

Daily Times: - The emerging corona virus may have existed from an earlier period than we originally thought; Which led to the infection of some people - and perhaps you of them - with the virus and then recovered from it without knowing it .. What is it?

Daily Times: - The primary symptoms of colon and rectal cancer, which must be paid attention to early, and those who feel these early symptoms must undergo medical examinations.

Dubai, UAE, Daily Times: -

  • Animal fats and proteins in red meat increase the risk of kidney stones, and of course there are other substances that cause the same problem.

Dubai, UAE, Daily Times: - To help relieve painful symptoms caused by arthritis conditions that make muscles feel tight and sore, and can negatively affect one's life; Experts praise one supplement in particular that is said to help reduce the amount of inflammation in the body and that is curcumin.

Dubai, Daily Times: - An overactive thyroid gland speeds up the functioning of the body's systems, while an underactive thyroid gland causes the body's systems to function very slowly.

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