Vision Egypt News: - Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States found that the cough of a person infected with the emerging corona virus and not showing symptoms of Covid 19 disease is different from the cough of an uninfected person.

People with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome lead difficult lives especially in dealing with basic needs of the body such as breathing, eating, drinking and bathing.

Vision Egypt News: Walking is good for physical health, according to all medical studies, but recent studies confirm that the counselor benefits mental health as well.

Vision Egypt News: - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced the first and only approved treatment for COVID-19 in the United States, and that this drug is only being given to hospitalized patients at this time.

Vision Egypt News: - After this Australian study on how long the Corona virus will last, people may be forced to launder money, or stop dealing with it.

Vision Egypt News: - The American "Johnson & Johnson" group for pharmaceutical industries stopped clinical trials of an experimental anti-corona virus vaccine, after one of the volunteers participating in these experiments was infected with an unknown disease.

Vision Egypt News: - Dermatologists agree that showering is great for cleaning the skin, but it can cause problems in some parts of the body.

Vision Egypt News: - The "Science Alert" magazine quoted a study in which the researcher specializing in immunology at Emory University, Matthew Woodruff, published by "Nature" magazine, reported that Corona caused a shift in immunity in some people, and their immune system became more dangerous than the virus.

Vision Egypt News: - Experts emphasized the need to sleep between 6-8 hours per day, to avoid the health damage resulting from lack of sleep.

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