Vision Egypt News: - Artificial intelligence has achieved tremendous medical success after being trained to diagnose diseases with similar symptoms, especially chest and respiratory diseases such as Covid 19, common pneumonia and lung cancer.

Vision Egypt News: - If you suffer from defects in the teeth such as curvature, protrusion, or crowding, and you want to have beautifully arranged teeth, do not hurry so that you do not lose your teeth forever.

Vision Egypt News: - If the world is busy finding a vaccine for the Coronavirus, a scientific study has drawn to an unconventional cycle of the virus between age groups, as the infection begins in the young.

Vision Egypt News: - The British Journal of Nutrition published the results of a study on the effect of consuming coffee before breakfast. Researchers monitored the effect of a number of factors on health such as interrupted sleep and drinking coffee in the morning, in addition to a number of other factors that disrupt the metabolism (metabolism) or what Known as "metapolism".

Vision Egyptian News: - The Public Health Agency of England conducted a study that demonstrated that the INNA-051 spray, which was originally developed to boost the immune system against colds and flu, may also be effective in combating the emerging corona disease.

Egyptian news vision: - Skin care experts say that apple cider vinegar has both acidic and anti-fungal properties, so it can be used to treat some foot problems.

Egyptian news vision: - At the American Heart Association's Virtual Science Sessions, For Hypertension 2020, a study by the New Jersey Medical College in Newark on the relationship between lipids and heart attacks was presented.

Egyptian news vision: Dark circles under the eyes may be a sign of health problems in the body, according to the "Health Site" website.

Egyptian news vision: - Garlic is the most popular spice, and it is used in medicine, and garlic has benefits when consumed before bed.

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Have explosions occurred in the UAE oil fields?
¿Se han producido explosiones en los campos petrolíferos de los EAU?
هل وقعت إنفجارات في حقول النفط الإماراتية؟
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Have explosions occurred in the UAE oil fields?

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