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10 reasons for loss of balance and feeling dizzy 10 reasons for loss of balance and feeling dizzy

10 reasons for loss of balance and feeling dizzy

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- Loss of balance, sometimes feeling dizzy, may be evidence of disorders of the inner or middle ear or neurological disorders.

Here we will provide some reasons for imbalance and dizziness, according to the American Natural News.

Ear infections, neurological disorders and head injuries:

Balance problems usually occur when there are problems with the signals the inner ear sends to the brain, which can make you feel dizzy or unstable.

You can feel that you are moving, spinning, or floating while standing or sitting in your place.

You may also experience confusion while walking.Dizziness associated with loss of balance can interfere with your daily life, leading to falls.


It is an infection-transmitted disease, consisting of two parts: the cochlea and the vestibule.

The labyrinth is the structure inside the inner ear to send information to the brain about spatial navigation and balance.

Labyrinthitis leads to internal otitis, which disrupts the flow of information between the ear and brain.

Anyone can get a labyrinthitis, but there are some factors that increase their risk, especially upper respiratory tract infections such as the flu.

Illuminated disease:

The disease is a disorder in the inner ear that causes severe dizziness that resembles dizziness, tinnitus in the ear, and a feeling of congestion inside the ear.

In this disease, fluid can build up in the inner ear, which can disrupt signals, such as labyrinthitis.

It is a chronic disease, but there are treatments that prevent its symptoms.


When you get dizzy you will feel that your surroundings are around you while you are standing or sitting in your place.

Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with fear of heights.

Although it is usually associated with dizziness that some people feel when looking down from a high altitude, it may indicate any temporary or persistent dizziness caused by internal ear problems.

Benign topical vertigo:

Benign local vertigo causes a feeling of dizziness that occurs when a person leans his head in a certain way.

This condition occurs when calcium carbonate crystals disintegrate inside the ear and infiltrate the semicircular canals in the labyrinth of the ear.

These channels use fluids to sense movement, so moving your head in a certain way can cause these crystals to block fluid movement.

The ear sends the wrong signals to the brain about the position of the head, causing dizziness.

Land-back syndrome:

Return-to-land syndrome refers to the illusion of movement that occurs after traveling on a long boat or boat.

Now the definition has expanded to include other types of travel and movement patterns, such as running on a treadmill.

People with this condition may experience a sense of wobble even when they are not on a moving surface.

brain attack:

If you experience severe headaches, nausea, sudden vision problems, numbness on one side of your body, and loss of balance, you may have a stroke.

A person with a stroke may find balance problems, making it more difficult to walk and move.

Acoustic nerve tumor:

Also known as the vestibular labial tumor, a benign tumor that affects the nerves of the inner ear, which affects balance and hearing.

People with this condition feel unstable, which can lead to hearing loss or tinnitus.

Fistula that is:

A fistula is a rupture of a membrane between the inner and middle ears.

The middle ear is filled with air, while the inner ear is filled with fluid.

Rupture of the membrane between the two parts can cause the fluid to leak from the inner ear to the middle ear, resulting in unsteadiness during movement.

Vestibular neuritis:

Vestibular neuritis refers to an infection of the vestibular nerve in your inner ear.

This causes inflammation that can disrupt balance.

Vestibular neuritis is often confused with labyrinthitis, but the latter is usually accompanied by hearing loss and balance problems.


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