Japanese study on the benefits of black bananas Japanese study on the benefits of black bananas

Japanese study on the benefits of black bananas

Life Hack publishes findings of a recent study in Japan on some benefits of black bananas.

The Japanese study has shown that black spots on bananas contain anti-cancer substances, which block tumor cells and limit their growth and reproduction.

Treats heartburn: Bananas with dark spots contain natural antacids that help to treat heartburn, and facilitates digestion.

Regulation of blood pressure: This type of banana provides high levels of potassium in the blood that helps regulate blood pressure in your body.

Makes you less depressed: The black spots in the banana contain tryptophan, an amino acid, the body uses these amino acids in the manufacture of serotonin, which helps you feel calm and get proper sleep.

Constipation alleviation: Bananas help to relieve constipation and this is very well known, and also addresses problems in the digestive system and in the intestines.

Energy: Bananas are high in calories, making them an excellent source of instant energy.

Anemia Treatment: Bananas are a good source of iron metal. Iron is one of the main components of red blood cells responsible for transferring the nutrition and oxygen in your body.

Relieves menstrual pain in women: Potassium in bananas helps relieve muscle cramps because of menstrual cycle.

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