10 habits when waking up in the morning avoided 10 habits when waking up in the morning avoided
10 habits when waking up in the morning avoided
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10 habits when waking up in the morning avoided

There is a set of habits that a person does by waking up; but, despite their importance, is harmful to mental and physical health

* Do not go back to sleep

When the alarm bell goes off, get up straight from the bed; even if you're a bit tired; going back to sleep will get you tired all day long.

* Do not browse social media

Reading social media when waking up is stressful and stressful. Remember that your body is relaxed and any news will make your body tense. Just think about your bathroom and breakfast while you are completely calm.

* Do not drink coffee

If you are a coffee drinker, do not drink when you wake up, because the great activity caused by coffee raises cortisol levels and causes the confusion of your normal body that monitors and determines cortisol levels and activity, and can lead to afternoon activity. Studies suggest that the best timing for eating The daily cup of coffee is between 10 am and noon.

* Do not arrange your bed the moment you wake up

It is good to arrange your bed before you leave the house, but do not do that for the moment of waking up, leave your bed a little to dry the blankets and furnishings from the moisture of the sleep effect; the germs carried by air and dust do not grow into your bed.

* Do not watch TV

If you are an amateur watching television when you wake up, you should review yourself; because listening to the news in the morning leads to tension and raises cortisol levels; it is unhealthy.

Try to spend quiet time in the morning and keep the peace and quiet as long as possible before you start your day.

* Do not leave curtains closed

When you wake up in the morning, do not keep the curtains closed, open them because early morning light adjusts the biological clock of your body, and naturally releases cortisol, and prepares us for the requirements of work.

Do not do violent sports

Do not do violent physical movements when waking up in the morning; because during sleep, the vertebrae absorb fluid as part of a natural moisturizing process. This absorption causes the vertebrae to stretch; the human becomes a few centimeters taller when waking up.

 It also limits the movement of the vertebrae, makes the spine slightly rigid, and in the meantime becomes any violent sports movements very dangerous to the spine, and advised only with pleasant movements quiet.

* Do not think about your daily schedule

Treat the first waking hour as a kind of meditation, while cleaning your teeth or bathing, avoid thinking about your daily schedule, and get away from stress and stress. Think about the beautiful things and the people you love.

* Do not read your email

Do not read your e-mail when you wake up, do not allow others to hold you and your computer and set your daily tasks. The e-mail will leave you feeling happy to start a new day in your life.

* Do not make many decisions

Make small decisions about your day before you go to sleep; but when you wake up let your first watch go as quietly as you decided last night, decisions need a mind-boggling thinking power when waking up.

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