8 Interesting Facts About Colds
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For prevention and treatment, exciting facts about colds

Interesting facts about colds

* Adults get colds of 2 - 5 times a year

Statistics and studies conducted on patients with colds indicate that adults usually suffer from colds 2 to 5 times a year, while children under the age of 12 suffer about 6-10 times a year! The reason is that children's immune systems are relatively weaker.

People aged 60 or older have a lot of cold

At the age of 60 or older, the immune system starts to weaken and deteriorate, so the elderly get a lot of colds and it is important to take measures to keep the immune system healthy for the elderly.


* "Renovirus - Rhinovirus" is a virus that causes colds


And "rhinovirus" or "rhinophirus" is the cause of colds, and these types of viruses have been on the ground since time immemorial, even mentioned in the books of ancient Egyptian medicine, is known that the "viruses of the nose" have the ability to survive Life is in most weather conditions and extreme geographic conditions, which is why they have lived for a long time and last a long time before they die inside the human body!

* "Virus of the nose" live outside the human body for 48 hours!

The "nose virus" is strong, and can survive outside the organism for up to 48 hours! The virus can survive on surfaces such as computer keyboards, telephones, furniture, kitchen appliances, elevator buttons, light switches, and shopping center carts. Therefore, when a person touches a surface where a living virus is present, there is a high chance that the person will get a cold .

* Colds can turn into pneumonia in children and the elderly

Normally, normal colds do not threaten human life, but in children and the elderly, colds can lead to other health complications such as pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, which can threaten the lives of those.

* Vitamin "C - C" protects from the cold but does not help much in his treatment

People believe that taking C-C tablets is the best way to treat colds, but this is not entirely true. Research has shown that vitamin C-C does not help much in the treatment of flu, but taking it regularly at other times strengthens the immune system. It prevents the recurrence of colds.

* The sneeze of the cold person releases about 100 thousand germs in the air!

One sneeze of a person who has a cold, can release about 100 thousand germs in the air! Some of these germs can be contagious and when a healthy person breathes the polluted air, he or she may get cold.

* Washing your hands before eating prevents colds

According to experts, washing hands before eating is one of the most effective ways to prevent colds, because washing hands frequently, especially before eating, protects humans, especially when touching the surfaces that carry cold viruses.

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