In minutes: 10 habits destroy kidneys
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In minutes: 10 habits destroy kidneys

Kidneys remove toxins from the blood and filter waste through the urine, helping to regulate the levels of minerals such as calcium and phosphates in the body.

Kidneys also produce important hormones that help regulate body functions such as blood pressure and the production of red blood cells.

According to the website "Bold Sky" for health and family, experts warned of 10 bad habits that can destroy the kidneys:

* Eat processed foods

Manufactured foods are filled with phosphorus and sodium, while people suffering from kidney disease must reduce phosphorus in their diets. Studies have shown that eating high-phosphorus foods such as processed foods may pose a risk to kidneys.

* More salt

Foods that contain a lot of salt are filled with sodium, which raises blood pressure, and damages the kidneys, because the kidneys need to do more to excrete excess salt, which in turn can cause water retention in the body, increasing the risk of kidney disease.

* Lack of drinking water

Wet water helps the kidneys get rid of toxins, so drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways to avoid kidney stones.

* More meat

When eating meat, animal protein produces large amounts of acid in the blood, and this acid can be harmful to the kidneys, when acidity in the blood can not remove the kidneys faster, if animal protein is necessary for the body, but excessive consumption can be Be a murderer of the college.

* Lack of sleep

Sleep is very important for the body, because it relaxes the muscles of the brain and body, also during sleep the kidney function is regulated, and helps coordinate the action of the kidneys 24 hours.

* High sugar foods

Sugar contributes to obesity and obesity in the body, which increases the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, so experts advise not to eat large amounts of sugar, because it can cause kidney disease.

* Do not urinate when needed

Peeing is the way in which toxins are released from the body, so not urinating when needed, and incontinence hurts the kidneys. Over time, this can lead to the formation of stones and kidney disease.

Excessive use of painkillers

Non-prescription pain relievers may relieve pain, but it can also destroy your kidney, especially if you have kidney problems, so reduce painkillers if you take them regularly.


Scientifically and clinically, smoking is bad for every member of the body, including kidneys. Smoking increases blood pressure and heart rate, reduces blood flow to the kidneys, and slows down their work.

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