Members of the human body renew themselves according to human habits Members of the human body renew themselves according to human habits
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Members of the human body renew themselves according to human habits

The Deutsche Welle radio station reported that five members of the body renew themselves according to human habits, with about 95 percent of the body's cells regenerating, and developing for better or worse, depending on the diet and habits used either. Harmful.

According to Sweden researcher Jonas Fresen, stem biologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, these are the members who renew themselves:

* Red blood cells

One drop of blood contains millions of these powerful cells, which transport oxygen to the cells and remove toxins from them, the red blood cells. According to the Franklin Institute in America, the availability of iron in the diet makes it easier to renew blood cells that change every four months with the help of healthy eating and minerals in red meat, fish, poultry, eggs and beans.

* skin

The outer layer of the skin is the body that protects the body from external contaminants. It acts as an insulator between the deeper layers of skin in the skin, allowing only very small particles to pass through. The outer layer of the skin is renewed every two weeks. So keeping the skin clean and moist helps protect it from cracking, and helps it to speed regeneration.

* Liver

The liver is responsible for purifying the blood from the digestive system before it is distributed to the rest of the body, removing the toxins from the chemicals present in the drugs that enter the body.

No wonder they need to be regenerated each year; they are a big task for a liver member, which weighs between 1200 and 1500 grams in adults, according to WebMed.

* Eyelashes

Play eyelashes have a great role in protecting the eyes, which is why many animals besides human beings also have eyelashes. It protects the eye by preventing certain harmful particles such as dust and dirt, and preventing eye injury from dehydration.

The number of upper eyelashes is approximately 200 eyelashes, the bottom is about 100 eyelashes, and is renewed every two months.

* the tongue

Although very young, it works strongly, sprouting the taste on the tongue of 10 thousand bud, and contains microscopic filaments, which translate the foods we eat to the brain. It explains the sense of sweet taste or sour taste.

These buds are renewed every 10 days, but with age, their renewal stops, which is why food tastes are different for older people and young people. In the elderly, the number of buds decreases to only 5,000 buds.

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