Most foods needed by the body, the effect of tea and coffee in Ramadan Most foods needed by the body, the effect of tea and coffee in Ramadan
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Most foods needed by the body, the effect of tea and coffee in Ramadan

The head of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition in the Division of Food Industries and Nutrition, National Research Center in Cairo, Dr. Afaf Ezzat: The reasons for the feeling of many fasting headache during the first days of the month of Ramadan due to the habit of drinking stimulants, such as tea and coffee and derivatives .. The sudden interruption For these drinks and for a long number of hours cause the incidence of headaches between the average and acute.

Dr. Ezzat explained that there is another type of headache that affects fasting after breakfast; it is due to the fullness of the stomach with food after many hours of fasting, which causes headaches as a result of the blood flow to the stomach and the digestive tract to digest and represent food;

In order to avoid these symptoms, fasting should be delayed. This helps to overcome hypoglycaemia, regulate sleep hours, get enough rest, and do not exert effort before or after breakfast directly, as well as eating plenty of fruits and vegetables high in fiber, ; Which improves intestinal movement and digestion.

Dr. Fawzi Al-Shobaki says that there are special dietary standards for fasting in the summer, which must be observed. The body does not need fatty foods but needs fluids and foods that contain large quantities of water, such as vegetables and fruits, To the sun for long periods, and not to exert physical or mental effort before breakfast for at least two hours, especially children.

He added that it is necessary to stay away from the pickles in the suhoor and breakfast, because they cause an increased sense of thirst. Also, keep away from fatty foods, and reduce sweets; not more than one piece a day. Stressing the importance of eating a small percentage of vegetable fats, such as olive oil and corn with food; they are very useful; because the final product to burn these fats is water stored in the tissues of the body, and benefit fasting.

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