5 reasons behind pain on the right side of the chest

January 08, 2021
5 reasons behind pain on the right side of the chest 5 reasons behind pain on the right side of the chest

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- There are 5 reasons behind right side chest pain according to doctors, while it is not the result of a heart attack, pain in the right side of your chest can be caused by inflammation, anxiety, stress, muscle strain, or other conditions.


1. Stress or anxiety can be the cause of panic attacks, which can be very similar to a heart attack. Panic attacks can occur without a cause or they can be triggered by a previous traumatic event.

Panic attacks can cause chest pain because when you breathe quickly and deeply, the muscles of the chest wall spasm, and the pain from these attacks can occur on both sides of the chest.

2. Muscle tension turns into annoying pain on the side of the right chest, when a person continues to go to the gyms to carry heavy weights, the chances of developing those pains that require taking therapeutic drugs to relieve pain on the one hand, and getting a rest on the other side increase.

3. Gastroesophageal reflux: The incidence of a burning sensation in the chest is one of the most indicative signs of suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease, as those burning sensations associated with the pain on the right side of the chest appear to be more like serious heart attacks, although this crisis only requires Take acid medications and treatments, while avoiding eating foods that trigger the aforementioned disease.

4. A pulmonary embolism is a blood clot that settles in the right lung and causes pain in the right side of the chest. This may be life threatening if not treated promptly.

5. Doctors refer to inflammation of the rib cartilage, which affects the cartilage of the rib cage, as a cause of unpleasant chest pain, which often suffers from the right side, but it sometimes leads to damage to all areas of the chest without exception.

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