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AIDS patients in Morocco are not aware of their condition AIDS patients in Morocco are not aware of their condition

AIDS patients in Morocco are not aware of their condition

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (Egyptian News Vision): - The Moroccan authorities are seeking to combat the spread of AIDS in the Kingdom by raising awareness among citizens, especially young people, of the necessity of conducting the necessary medical tests and checking their health, so that they take the necessary precautions, in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

According to medical authorities in Morocco, a significant proportion of people living with HIV / AIDS are unaware of their condition, which leads to fear of the spread of the disease, because they mix with the healthy without the prevention methods.

Mohamed El Youbi, director of epidemiology and disease control at the Moroccan Ministry of Health, revealed that 23 percent of all people living with HIV / AIDS do not know they are HIV-positive.

He explained that 84 per cent of people who know of AIDS, undergo treatment and medical tracking within the framework of free care provided by the Ministry of Health, pointing out that 91 per cent of people undergoing treatment have a negative viral load.

The Moroccan official said that the available indicators allow to estimate the number of people living with HIV in Morocco, about 21 thousand people, which is a positive thing.

The new report of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) revealed that approximately 38 million people are living with HIV globally and that the total number of people who have contracted the disease since its inception is about 75 million.

Signs of HIV-related morbidity may be seen in people living with HIV who do not receive antiretroviral therapy within 5-10 years, and the period may be shorter.

The interval between HIV transmission and AIDS diagnosis usually lasts from 10 to 15 years, but it may be longer.


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