Artificial intelligence protects against blindness

November 10, 2020
A new medical success for artificial intelligence after coronavirus and breast cancer A new medical success for artificial intelligence after coronavirus and breast cancer Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: Artificial intelligence has recorded new success in the medical field after it has achieved in the field of detection of infection with the Corona virus, early diagnosis of breast cancer, and the ability to choose patients who are eligible for health care.

Ophthalmologists and technologists, whose talent is the ability to rapidly process vast amounts of data, have collaborated to develop AI software that helps save many of those suffering from eye diseases that may lead to vision loss.

Irish ophthalmologist Dr. Pierce Kane, who works at Moorfields Hospital in London, was behind the development of artificial intelligence software to detect 50 vision-threatening diseases.

This software works by interpreting optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans of the back of the eye.

Dr. Kane's team developed an alert system for a third of people with macular degeneration related to atrophy who later reached their healthy eyes, in addition to diseases associated with diabetes.

It may be an early warning system for the emergence of neurodegenerative diseases, especially Alzheimer's disease.

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