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Coronavirus will disappear before reaching a drug Unknown change on Corona virus

Coronavirus will disappear before reaching a drug

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- In television statements reported by Italian newspapers, the director of the Mario Negri Institute for Drug Research in Milan, and one of the most Italian experts familiar with the emerging Coronavirus, Dr. Giuseppe Remotsi, said that with time the disease becomes less lethal to humans.

Remotes indicated that the virus would "disappear" before scientists could develop a vaccine against it.

He added: "Patients today are completely different from patients 3 or 4 weeks ago, the number of cases entering hospitals and intensive care rooms continues to decrease."

He pointed out that most patients can return to their homes now without the need for artificial respirators.

He continued: "The situation has changed everywhere in Italy, not only in Bergamo and Milan, but also in Rome and Naples."

But Remotsi said that the reason for this change is not known, explaining: "Why is this happening? I don't know if the virus itself has changed, or if the immunity against it has improved ... The only thing I can say is that we face a disease that is completely different from the disease that put us in crisis when The epidemic has started. "


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