Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Tuesday, 13 October 2020 13:34

Johnson & Johnson halts COVID-19 vaccine trials due to an unknown disease

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Vision Egypt News: - The American "Johnson & Johnson" group for pharmaceutical industries stopped clinical trials of an experimental anti-corona virus vaccine, after one of the volunteers participating in these experiments was infected with an unknown disease.

The American group did not disclose, in a statement it issued, the nature of the disease or its symptoms.

Johnson & Johnson explained that, according to the decision to suspend clinical trials, an online registration system that it had introduced at the end of September to gather 60,000 volunteers was closed. To participate in the third and final phase of clinical trials.

The group pointed out in its statement that "the occurrence of unwanted dangerous events is to be expected in any clinical study, especially in large studies."

"Johnson & Johnson" protocols state that when any serious adverse event occurs during a study, the study is suspended to verify whether the event is related to the drug being evaluated and to determine whether the study can be resumed.

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