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Lowering blood pressure without medication Lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure

Lowering blood pressure without medication

Experts from the United States believe that the level of blood pressure can be reduced in simple ways, without taking medications, which may have negative effects on some.

Most of those with high blood pressure can reduce it without taking medications, by changing their lifestyle, according to Dr. Brende Williams, cardiologist from Texas Health Stephenville.

* According to experts, it is possible to reduce high blood pressure by eating bananas and potassium-containing materials, which stimulate the kidneys to expel sodium from the body, as its low concentration ensures low blood pressure.

Bananas are one of the best sources for obtaining potassium, as are potatoes, tomatoes, beans, peas and raisins, which are rich in it.

* The elderly and people with grandparents who were suffering from high blood pressure, are more likely to have high blood pressure than eating salt; therefore, they should pay attention to its ratio in processed foods and food, and it is better not to eat it.

* Eating chocolate can not be the main means of lowering blood pressure, but when you want to eat sweets, it is preferable to eat chocolate instead of a piece of torta.

* The results of experiments conducted by Tufts University scientists confirmed that taking Karkady tea helps reduce blood pressure to its normal level without taking medications.

The results of these experiments showed that eating three glasses a day from this drink reduces systolic blood pressure by seven units within six weeks.

* Eating refined carbohydrates causes inflammation, causing high blood pressure, and replacing simple carbohydrate foods with soy products and low-fat dairy products, which helps lower high blood pressure.

* The body's interaction with daily life effects and the production of stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline), which cause increased heartbeats and narrowing of blood vessels; leads to instability of blood pressure; therefore deep breathing slowly effectively helps to control stress hormones and blood pressure without taking medications So experts advise doing this exercise daily for five minutes in the morning and evening.

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