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New health effects due to corona virus New research on Covid 19

New health effects due to corona virus

Egyptian News Vision: - Medical and scientific research on the new corona virus continues, as Cofid19 announces new results from one moment to the next. New in research on the emerging corona virus was about the health symptoms that appear on the patient.

A new study said that coughing, shortness of breath and overheating of the body are not the only symptoms that indicate a person is infected with the Corona virus, but that the digestive system is also affected by this virus, and symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite appear.

The research was based on 204 patients in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus in China.

The research found that 99 patients, who comprise 48.5% of its participants, arrived at the hospital after suffering mainly from a digestive system problem.

Most of them did not suffer from a previous disease that could affect the digestive system.

The main symptoms reported by these patients, upon their arrival in the hospital due to digestive problems, were loss of appetite (83%) and diarrhea (29%).

0.8% reported vomiting and 0.4% reported abdominal pain.

Most of the patients had breathing difficulties - dry cough or shortness of breath - along with digestive problems, but 7 of the study participants did not experience breathing difficulties or other symptoms at all, except for digestive problems.

Other researchers said that "among 105 patients who did not report symptoms related to the digestive system, 85 experienced difficulty breathing.

The other twenty did not report problems with digestion or difficulties in breathing as their primary suffering.

”The research also showed that the severity of digestion problems increased with the progression of the disease and its increasing severity.

The researchers found that patients without symptoms in the digestive system had a higher chance of recovering from illness and hospital discharge than patients who had symptoms of digestive system.

When data collection stopped in favor of the research, on March 5, 2020, nearly a third (34.3%) of the patients had problems with digestion. Meanwhile, 60% of those who had been discharged from the hospital recovered, that is, almost double. "We found that symptoms related to the digestive system are the most prevalent suffering among Covid-19 patients. Those patients who have experienced these symptoms are expected to experience a longer and worse period of illness," the researchers wrote in their findings.


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