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That's what pork did in a Chinese man That's what pork did in a Chinese man

That's what pork did in a Chinese man

Abu Dhabi, China: - The condition of the Chinese, Jo Jong-fa, was puzzling for the doctors. He felt a headache that lasted more than a month, and the doctors had to undergo an ad hoc imaging, which they found.

When doctors examined the X-ray images of the man's head, they discovered that the cause of the headache was the spread of hundreds of tapeworms in his brain.

The worms appeared clearly in the images that were conducted through the scanning technique, and the patient resorted to the conduct of those images because the local doctors where he lived could not understand the cause of the headache.

Jung-fa was kept in the intensive care room for days, and doctors discovered other worms spreading in his upper body, such as the lungs and muscles inside the ribcage.

In their search for the reason why the terrible amount of worms spread in the patient's body, it turned out that the latter ate a huge amount of pork that was not cooked in a "sufficient" way, a month before ignited by headaches.

Jung-va said he felt pain after eating meat, where the eggs of microbial tapeworms usually live, and if these eggs later turn into worms, they could grow until the worm reaches 9 meters in length.

Tapeworms are known to reproduce strongly, although they are easily eliminated by cooking meat over 60 ° C or freezing for at least 24 hours.

A Chinese university published a study, conducted in cooperation with an American university, indicates that China is experiencing a real health crisis in this regard, and attributed the reasons to the lack of clean food, water, and hygiene, in general.

Stanford University and Sichuan University participated in the study, which showed that increasing poverty contributes to the spread of tapeworms, the study confirmed that these tapeworms affect the ability of the human perception and knowledge, especially in the event of a brain injury.

In 2015, pupils from 27 schools underwent blood tests and it was found that about 3,000 of them were suffering from tapeworms.

The study confirmed that the spread of these worms adversely affect the nervous system of students and may limit their cognitive abilities.


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