Promising cancer treatment

America, University of Pennsylvania: - American scientists have come up with a way to fight cancer, through genetically modified cells that can fight disease, months after the patient receives these cells, where they work to strengthen the immune system, so that it can destroy tumors.

The process involves extracting immune cells, known as T cells, from a patient and editing their DNA, using a so-called "molecular scissor", then injected back into the patient and looking for cancer and attacking it.

American researchers say the cells were able to "continue, grow and function" in all three patients in the first stage trial.

The team used the CRISPR gene editing tool, to delete 3 genes from T cells, which interfered with the immune system's ability to fight cancer.

Then they used a virus to help T cells attack a protein called NY-ESO-1, which is usually found in cancer cells, and there were no harmful side effects, and T cells can still be detected after 9 months, according to (RT).

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