Monday, 21 September 2020

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Scientific research on Retromad1 Cat medicine Retromad1, Does Corona Virus Treat?

Scientific research on Retromad1

Egyptian News Vision: - In the context of international attempts to find a drug for the emerging coronavirus, Covid 19, tests are currently under way to see whether Retromad1, which is used to treat leukemia and the feline infection perinitis virus that infects cats similar to Corona, is also treating Covid-19. Feline infectious peritonitis, which affects cats, belongs to the human family of corona viruses.

"This drug, developed by the Malaysian company, is being used in veterinary clinics in Singapore," said Dr. Ng Sher Yu, CEO of Biofiance Technologies.

The drug was supposed to be used to treat viral herpesvirus in humans, but it was not formally tested for human use.

BioValence Technologies is now looking to test the drug in humans and see its effect on the emerging corona virus ... but it may take years for the drug to be fully tested and clinically approved.

A spokesperson for "Biofiance Technologies" said that the new drug will be used to treat people with "Covid-19" infection, stressing that "it is not a vaccine, so it cannot be used on healthy individuals to prevent them from infection."

In a related context, the Federal Authority for Consumer Rights Monitoring in Russia reported that Russian scientists have begun testing prototypes for possible vaccines for the Corona virus on animals in a laboratory in Siberia.

Scientists around the world have warned that developing a vaccine is a long and complex process that may not get anywhere until 12 to 18 months later.

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