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Snoring then stops breathing and the result is dangerous

The German Sleep Medicine and Research Association cautions against underestimating snoring, as it is a sign of serious health problems, especially when it is accompanied by sleep apnea.

She said snoring, accompanied by sleep apnea, foreshadows a heart disorder, stroke, or sudden cardiac arrest.

She pointed out that there are several factors that lead to suffering from snoring, such as obesity and alcohol consumption, menopause in women, in addition to enlarged tonsils and relaxing muscles of the palate and small tumors.

The Assembly called for the urgent need to consult a doctor to undergo treatment in a timely manner, noting that the treatment consists in wearing a breathing mask during sleep.

Also, sleep apnea is a common disorder that occurs, as air flows to the lungs stops due to obstruction of the airway, knowing that males are more likely than women to develop this symptom, as it affects 20% of women and 35% of men.

In the event that the condition is left undiagnosed and untreated or those symptoms are ignored for a long time, the state of sleep apnea affects the patient in several ways, such as mood swings, diabetes, high blood pressure, feeling tired, stroke, heart attack, memory disorders, and other The effects of low oxygen and a person not having a good number of hours of sleep.

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