Soon, the results of a test of two anti-coronavirus drugs

China:- While awaiting the results of tests carried out by Chinese scientists, on two drugs against the new Corona virus, terror continues to dominate the world.

Dr. Mary Paul Kenny, a former virologist at the World Health Organization, co-chaired a closed research forum in Geneva, which brought together more than 300 scientists and researchers; some participated remotely from China and Taiwan.

"Kenny" stated in a press conference: that a number of patients were given a combination of ritonavir and lupinavir antiviral drugs; pointing out that "it will be excellent if this succeeds because this drug is already available as a comprehensive form of AIDS treatment," according to Reuters.

"Kenny" indicated that it was not yet clear whether the treatment would be effective in the face of the new virus, and went on to say: "We do not know the results, we will have to wait a few days or a few weeks to have a result."

It is worth noting that the formula for AIDS treatment is sold under the brand name "Calitra" and is produced by the company ABFAY.

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