Symptoms of fatty liver disease and its treatment

February 09, 2021
There is currently no specific treatment for fatty liver disease, and a lot of research is underway to try to find a cure. There is currently no specific treatment for fatty liver disease, and a lot of research is underway to try to find a cure.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: - Fatty liver disease is associated with a group of health conditions, such as obesity and high blood pressure, and it begins in several stages, and symptoms are often associated with the advanced stage, and most people with mild fatty liver disease do not notice any symptoms.

The British Liver Trust has warned NASH is a more serious condition that may cause scarring of the liver, and it can progress to cirrhosis - serious symptoms may appear.

Also, internal bleeding due to liver damage is often first noticed in very dark or black tarry stools (malena) and haematemesis (haematemesis).

Other serious signs include:

Yellow eyes, skin "jaundice", bruising, dark urine, swelling in the lower abdomen "dropsy", dark black tar stools, with periods of confusion or memory impairment "encephalopathy", and itching of the skin.

Fatty liver disease treatment:

Making healthy lifestyle choices can help stop the symptoms from getting worse.

One of the most effective countermeasures against fatty liver disease is weight loss, and you should aim for a healthy, balanced diet.

Key nutritional advice includes choosing whole-grain carbohydrates (such as bread, rice, and pasta) that are rich in fiber, avoiding foods and drinks that are high in sugar, eating more vegetables and fruits, eating less saturated fat, and monitoring your portion sizes, especially if you are trying to cut back. the weight.

Some studies indicate that the Mediterranean diet may also reduce fat in the liver.

This nutrition plan focuses on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts, replacing butter with olive or canola oil, limiting red meat and eating more fish and lean poultry.

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