The dangers of reducing salt in food

January 02, 2021
The dangers of reducing salt in food The dangers of reducing salt in food

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Modern dietary systems rely on healthy foods with caloric intake, increasing the water component in exchange for reducing the intake of salt and sugars, but reducing salt may negatively affect physical health.

Therefore, it is better not to completely dispense with eating salt, by adding the permitted quantities to foods, to avoid exposure to some of the following side effects: -

Weight gain:

Salt is very important for the balance of the body's hormones, and stopping salt makes the amount of iodine reduced in the body, so the body begins to gain more weight and this also results in facial swelling, dry skin, fatigue and muscle weakness.

Heart problems:

Although low sodium diets have many benefits for heart patients, this is very dangerous for healthy people, as it harms the health of their hearts; Therefore, it is preferable to eat a moderate amount of salt.

Increase blood sugar level:

Several scientific studies have confirmed that when we do not get enough sodium, this affects our bodies' response to insulin, and that in turn leads to high blood sugar.


When our bodies are not getting enough daily sodium; This causes symptoms of dehydration around the mouth, a constant feeling of thirst, dizziness, and not going to the bathroom regularly.


Not eating salt affects cholesterol levels in the blood, whose symptoms do not appear early, but it affects the body negatively, and also heart health, and all that a person will feel is nausea before the disease is discovered.

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