By the beginning of 2020, the Earth is ending the warmest decade in history, according to UN forecasts, in an annual assessment of how climate change is overtaken and the ability of mankind to adapt to it.

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1- Drone X Pro Selfie Capture: A small drones equipped with an HD camera that allows you to take stunning photos and videos that are lightweight and easy to carry.

Cairo:-- Korea's giant of electronic industries, Samsung ventures into an indirect competition with the United States, where he announced the use of Chinese technology, which found itself in a dilemma, in front of Google's decisions, to deprive it of its technology.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- NASA first discovered an asteroid (JF1), known as the "City Killer," in 2009, and has been observing it within the agency's asteroid surveillance system.

Egyptian News Vision, en trois langues sur trois liens différents, portant tous la signature de la vision: arabe, anglais et français..

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