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23 great inventions, useful, for use in everyday life 23 great inventions, useful, for use in everyday life

23 great inventions, useful, for use in everyday life

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1- Drone X Pro Selfie Capture: A small drones equipped with an HD camera that allows you to take stunning photos and videos that are lightweight and easy to carry.

For the first time, people can take crazy selfies and shots that were limited only to those with professional devices.

2- Muama translator: which allows you to speak 43 languages ​​at the touch of a button, this device makes the person able to communicate immediately, and thanks to its light weight and small size, this translator is easy to carry in a pocket or bag, and is always available for use when needed.

These drones have several settings that allow you to follow, focus on you, or even fly around you.

3 - SuperBoost WiFi: Turn the slow Internet into a fast connection, and cover the entire home Internet no matter how far away from the routers.

4- Tactical smart watch inspired by military forces, almost against destruction, made of fourth generation gorilla glass against water, dust, fire and shock, and almost impossible to scratch, and equipped with an internal camera, calendar and fitness tracker, it is also synchronized with Android and iOS devices, and priced 89 It can be charged from the phone when its 33-week battery runs out.

5-Snoring is a better solution for those who suffer from chronic snoring.

It has already been used by tens of thousands of people for better and quieter sleep at night.

It controls snoring during sleep without interfering with the normal sleep cycle.

6- Better charge for better charging, this device was developed by a graduate student at MIT, which turns the phone into a wireless charging device, just plug the adapter into the back of the phone, and leave your phone on the charging pad, then your phone will charge in minutes without Cables.

7-The neckomfort device for neck pain relief, where patented technology combines resistance ligaments and gravity to give you a stretch, controlled to improve the situation and increase blood circulation, and relieve pressure on the nerves, and doctors consider it one of the best innovations of 2019.

8.Keyboard Virtual Keyless Pro: a portable virtual laser keyboard, and can be connected to any device via Bluetooth, and turn the smartphone into a computer and allows convenient data entry through the keyboard anywhere, anytime, and can be operated with iPhone, Android and PC.

9- BarxStop, the world's first remote training of dogs, if you have a dog or know someone who has one, you probably know that training or correcting their sins can be a big challenge, but no longer with this device.

10- Video door bell, which keeps the house and family safe at all times.

It is simple despite its advanced technology that allows you to help someone knocking on your door without leaving your seat equipped with a camera and allows communication and at the same time ensures the safety of the property in the absence of you home by You can watch live video on your phone.

11- Mosqitron, an amazing invention that uses light to rid the house of insects.

12 - PlayBeatz wireless phone headsets, which can threaten Apple headphones that cost up to two hundred dollars in the coming Christmas holidays, where the price of these headphones for less than $ 60 and can be used with iPhones and Android and lasts its battery for eight hours.

13-Memory SafeX To save and protect all photos with just one click, did you suddenly break down in your computer to realize that you lost some of your photos and videos, or that the backup did not retain all your photos, this device solves the problem of backup and keep all photos and files Safe with one click.

14 - Vita hair brush to nourish hair, stimulate the growth of healthy hair naturally, and works with a small laser technology developed to prevent the hormone DHT, which kills hair, and then can stimulate the growth of natural hair, and help one to restore the appearance of youth.

15- Mindlesole Foot Massage Every step is described as a revolutionary foot shoe that combines modern magnetic technology with ancient reflexology to offer 400 different points for foot-goers.

It also improves blood circulation of the feet, and this shoe has helped millions of people with chronic back pain and diabetic neuropathy.

16 - Portable heating device (for heating) can be placed and carried anywhere.

17 - Clear View Night Vision Driving, allows to see the enhanced colors and clarity comparable to HD TVs as they are durable, lightweight and elegant.

18 - DiamondSmile, which gives you the most brilliant smile ever used for 20 minutes a day at home.

19. Health Clock, a new smart watch that monitors health indicators to replace expensive sports watches.

20 - Smart shower IOnic Spa, which achieved record sales, and works to prevent chlorine, sediment and other impurities from entering the water thanks to the natural mineral stones in the handle, these stones are made of tourmaline, germanium and clay, which purifies the impurities naturally from the water helps to improve the condition of skin and hair And prevents their irritation, which is especially good for those with dry skin or hair.

21 - Queit Buds wireless headphones, which prevents all annoying noise and allows you to hear what you want to hear.

22 - Star Scope, better than any telescope priced at $ 3000, which contains the same technology small telescope, but the price of only 49 dollars.

23 - ZenMind XP eye massager, the best eye massager used to relieve fatigue, tired and dehydrated eyes, and works with hot air pressure technology, and with Bluetooth music player helps to relax.


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