The largest asteroid of the "Burj Khalifa" may be dangerous on earth The largest asteroid of the "Burj Khalifa" may be dangerous on earth
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The largest asteroid of the "Burj Khalifa" may be dangerous on earth

Space Research, International Space Agency/ The US space agency "NASA": The asteroid will pass very quickly intersection of the Earth's path, which could be dangerous, and said that the date on the fourth of February next.

The agency said the asteroid's passage "does not cause panic," according to their initial calculations. NASA has released a video of the asteroid, which is moving toward the solar system to intersect with the Earth's orbit just before it passes a short distance.

The asteroid, the AJ129, is expected to reach Earth within 2 million miles, relatively close to space standards, invisible to the naked eye. Astronomers will need strong radio waves and telescopes to study.

NASA has revealed that the asteroid is bigger than Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building. According to NASA's Near-Earth Objects Research Center, it will be one of the largest NEOs to fly to Earth in 2018. NASA would be too far away, and by ground standards would be millions or even tens of millions of kilometers away.

He described the asteroid as a near-Earth object, which NASA describes as "comets and asteroids that have been stimulated by attracting the gravitational attraction of nearby planets to orbits that allow it to enter the Earth's neighborhood." Comets are mostly water ice and dust, and asteroids are the rock bodies orbiting the sun.

And the gravity of the asteroid, it will not approach the Earth more than 2.6 million miles, and in terms of distance and the size of the asteroid, classified by "NASA" as "a potentially dangerous asteroid."

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