What social networking sites do   To make you addicted to it ?? What social networking sites do To make you addicted to it ??
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What social networking sites do To make you addicted to it ??

Business Insider offers a set of tricks that social networking sites use to make users addicted to following them.

Application of Instagram sends large numbers of alerts known as "Push Notifications"

Uses "Stories" or "Stories" to attract users' attention, which appear many times in different locations of the app.

LinkedIn, relies on a psychic trick that drives users many times without thinking to add people even though they are not connected to the user's work area by making suggestions for other users' names.

Facebook is the key to helping users access other applications. Visit Pinterest, for example, by using personal email, Facebook or Google instead of creating a new account.

The Memories feature, which encourages users to continue to click and click, thanks to the frequent use of memories, past events and friends interviewed years ago.

Facebook offers the reminder of friends' birthdays, enabling users to create a video that celebrates the friendship they bring with friends.

snap chat make sure to show your last times by adding a "Post" post to indirectly push you to post more, especially if you're interested in appearing as an active user, comparing your performance with other users through the "Streak" counter.

Offers a wide range of filters and "Bitmoji" that bring more motion and fun to the Postet, forcing users to experience the smartest way to experience and test the largest number of them.

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