A new generation of Epson printers saves time and money for all disciplines A new generation of Epson printers saves time and money for all disciplines
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A new generation of Epson printers saves time and money for all disciplines

Epson, one of the world's largest manufacturers of printers, digital printing and imaging devices, today announced the launch of a new generation of printers, an important addition to all disciplines from libraries, engineers and small enterprises.

Work Force Pro is distinguished by its quality and economy in energy and ink

The Workforce Pro printers enhance office services within organizations and increase their productivity while minimizing impacts on the environment. They also reduce power consumption to 95%. They also reduce waste consumption by 99% and reduce the downtime It can print 84,000 pages without the need to ship a new ink cartridge. The time required for the usage functions is reduced by a high of 94%, which significantly increases the length of use.

Epson printers for large sizes arrive in Tunisia

Designers, architects, study boards, other advertising agencies and marketing professionals will be delighted with the availability of a new range of Epson printers that are large in size and color that have been launched on the market today.

These printers, which are equipped with printed paper rolls, have nine models that respond to different usage needs and are characterized by fast printing with high quality assurance, as well as their compatibility with environmental protection systems.

The digital printing on large sizes of new Epson printers, with the possibility of using two sheets of paper at the same time for some models, a significant increase in productivity and flexibility in applications according to specific needs and the speed of ultra-printing.

For the sake of multiple functions, many of the printer models are equipped with a Scanner system that enables scanning of large size documents and converting them directly to print on the same printer as well as sending them via electronic interconnection to other printers.

For example, digitizing and printing a large A1 document takes only 39 seconds. The printers are also available on a high-resolution, fast-paced image processing system, a 320 GO storage device and secure connectivity with other media networks, which are important features to ensure that heavy-duty files are loaded with maps, graphics, images, data, and other information and printed.

Epson's large size multifunction printers are dazzling

The new generation of inkjet printing systems for professional, high-speed and environmentally friendly printing is now available in the market. Epson's Workforce Printers, A3 and color, copy 100 pages in one minute while taking care of the environmental benefits of limited power consumption and less ink use, as well as a price that is just as good as an approved laser printer.

The Epson multifunction printers come from the WorkForce range of organizations to meet the office printing needs of small, medium and large enterprises, especially those that print large volumes of documents.

To ensure a high level of efficiency and quality, Epson is keen to employ the latest technologies in these printers and the introduction of a continuous head control system to ensure the quality of copies.

Eco Tanks, Epson printers are good and economical

Continuing its technological innovation, Epson has launched a new generation of its new Eco Tanks Itis printers with a new design, distinctive shape and refilled ink cartridges placed directly on the front end. The new range includes a large number of models that meet all requirements and are all larger in size than ink and easier to use, making them ideal printers for personal use at home and office as well as small enterprises.

 In addition to the high quality, Epson's Eco Tanks printers reduce printing costs by an average of 90% thanks to the amount of ink granted at the time of acquisition and are guaranteed over 3 years.

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