will include 125 countries around the world. will include 125 countries around the world.
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Watch any video on YouTube without internet

Internet, Technology, Internet users often feel frustrated when the video stops watching while waiting for the download due to the weakness of the Internet or its interruption.

 But with the new service provided by Google's YouTube, you can watch videos uploaded through the application without connecting to the Internet, or during the period that does not have mobile Internet service, and will include 125 countries around the world.

This service will help areas that have a weak Internet or are constantly interrupted. They can press the button below the video to save the video in the phone temporarily, and then watch it at any time without the mobile phone connection to the Internet.

YouTube, owned by Google Inc., aims to boost its presence in developing countries, especially those with weak Internet speeds, and expand its user base.

But YouTube has put restrictions on using its new service, including that videos can only be downloaded using the smartphone application, and no video can be uploaded to any desktop computer.

Videos covered by the new service will be available for viewing for only 48 hours unless you connect to the Internet during that period.

Some videos, especially those with music content, will not be available for offline playback.

If the service is available to visitors from the 125 countries announced by the company, users will find a new upload button next to their likes or dislikes.

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