Apple: a serious problem in the "iPhone X" Apple: a serious problem in the "iPhone X"

Apple: a serious problem in the "iPhone X"

Apple has admitted to a serious problem with its new iPhone X phone, where it sent a document to authorized retailers identifying what to do when customers face problems with face recognition technology.

A number of customers expressed anger at the fact that the property, on which Apple was building, had not set high hopes for stronger protection.

Users post topics on forums and technical sites where they assert that the feature is not always able to recognize the face.

The company has issued a new reform policy for some of the "iPhone X" devices indicate that the problem of "Face ID" may be from the back camera.

According to Sky News, the document tells stores that the problem will be solved by repairing the rear camera, although the property is originally connected to the front camera.

"If the rear camera repair does not correct the defect, the employee will have to give the customer a new phone."

Some users say the camera's close-up lens is connected to the front-end TrueDepth camera, which prevents Face ID from being turned on. Apple did not confirm or deny these data.

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