Wait for Pixel 3 phones from Google Wait for Pixel 3 phones from Google
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Wait for Pixel 3 phones from Google

Google will launch the third generation of its Pixel 3 smartphones, including a model with an almost edge-to-edge screen, according to a new Bloomberg report based on its sources' comments.

The company plans to launch at least two models of the phone. These devices are likely to be called Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. The larger handset is designed with a semi-complete edge-to-edge screen, except for a thicker underside on the phone. The top edge of the front, while the smaller model looks similar to last year's Pixel 2 phone, so it will not include a bump or screen extending from edge to edge.

Google's Pixel smartphones are one of the best devices running Android, but they are still far behind Apple's iPhone and Samsung products in terms of volume.

 Google was able to ship less than 4 million devices in 2017, according to market research company IDC, compared with 216 million iPhones Apple shipped in the same period.

Google plans to continue to update its Pixel phone line every year, seeing that the hardware division is important to the company's long-term future. As it has done over the past two years, it plans to launch new phones in October, about a month after Apple's announcement of the latest For Verizon, for the third year in a row, is the exclusive partner for new phones within the United States.

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