Facebook justifies the new scandal known as "white lists" Facebook justifies the new scandal known as "white lists"
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Facebook justifies the new scandal known as "white lists"

In response to the new scandal, known as "white lists" Facebook justified that it shared user data with some companies to improve services, but the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the social networking site provided data on the list of friends for weeks and months after the announcement of the suspension of the process in 2015 , Something the company had earlier denied.

The newspaper revealed that the Facebook site allowed private companies to access user data, under secret deals, which brings back to the forefront controversy violation of privacy on social platforms.

According to an unnamed source, companies such as Nissan Motors and RBC Capital are among the parties that have access to data in the framework of deals secretly concluded by Facebook and called "white lists".

Access to the data, according to the agreed format, allows access to the user's user list, as well as telephone numbers, and provides a link that measures the proximity of the user relationship.

According to former Federal Bureau of Commerce consumer protection director David Vladik, the agreements signed by Facebook are likely to be in conflict with what he promised the commission.

According to Vladik, a professor at Georgetown University, Facebook, according to its agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, is telling users about sharing their data when it comes to information that they do not put publicly on the site.

In a tweet on Facebook, Facebook said the Wall Street Journal was flawed, adding that in 2014 companies were given one year to move to the new API.

Nissan Motor and RBC, which were named in the press report, asked in 2014 that Facebook give them an extra time to arrange things and actually ended the process several years ago.

Facebook confirmed that the sharing of data included only a list of friends, and did not go beyond that to images and other things such as interest monitoring.

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