Google reveals the latest smart phones "Pixel 3" Google reveals the latest smart phones "Pixel 3"
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Google reveals the latest smart phones "Pixel 3"

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: - The new phone "Pixel 3" in different sizes, and three colors: white, black, and pink.

New York: - A concert in this American city, and during its annual presentation dedicated to the launch of the latest smart devices, Google revealed the details of the phone "Pixel 3", and "Pixel 3XL"

The new phone "Pixel 3" different sizes, and the three colors are: white, black, and pink.

The screen of the "Pixel 3" 5.5 inches

The size of the Pixel Xl 6.3 screen

The screen covers the phone interface perfectly

Gorilla Class 5 glass to protect your phone's screen and background

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 845

Dual front camera

Android OS 9.0, Visual Basic Pixel Image Processor

The new 3x pixel camera capacity is 3430 mA,

The battery capacity of the phone is "Pixel 3" 2915.

In "Pixel 3" has a Boosted mode to increase the color effect in the images.

The loudspeaker is 40 percent higher than the previous version "Pixel 2.

New Plastic Oled Screen.

The phone is designed from home and abroad to be the most useful device for users, pointing to the distinctive capabilities of the phone in the field of sound and camera.

Google's new phone at Google's store October 18, 2018, starting at $ 799.

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