BBC responds to Turkish media allegations about Jamal Khashoggi's watch BBC responds to Turkish media allegations about Jamal Khashoggi's watch

BBC responds to Turkish media allegations about Jamal Khashoggi's watch

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: -BBC reported on the news of the celebration of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul after he entered the Saudi embassy there.

The news that Gamal Khashoggi recorded everything that happened inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul by a smart watch from the "Apple Watch".

Allegations of the Turkish media:

The newspaper "Sabah" Khashoggi filled the registration in his watch, before entering the consulate.

The newspaper adds: That the circumstances of "interrogation, torture and murder" were recorded and then sent to his smart phone of the iPhone, who was accompanied by his fiancée outside the consulate, as well as to the service, "Cloud Cloud", belonging to Apple.

Khashoggi's attackers noticed the hour and tried to enter their systems by guessing the passcode before using his fingerprint to open it, the report said. Then they wiped out some, not all, of the files on them.

BBC Technical and Scientific Response:

Apple does not use fingerprint authentication, so access to its files via a fingerprint will be impossible unless the attackers open it over an iPhone that mates with it, but the phone was out.

The "recording property" in the clock is not available within the properties, but audio can be recorded over a number of third party applications.

It is conceivable that the missing journalist has installed one of these applications on the hour, and began to register before entering the consulate, but in order to download those recordings to his phone, he may have to press the stop button, without noticing the attackers.

His watch will inevitably need to be connected via Bluetooth to his phone with his fiancé.

Bluetooth is currently operating in a very limited range, and it seems unlikely that the signal will extend across many walls of the consulate building in Istanbul, unless Khashoggi's fiancee stands directly outside the room being investigated.

But some advocates say Khashoggi had an Apple Watch 3 watch, which has a special cellular link, which allows it to connect directly to the iCloud service.

It is true that Khashoggi's picture, while participating in a television program, showed an hour of "Apple Watch 3", characteristic of the red button. He may have bought a contract for an hourly cellular line in the United States where he lives.

But this is where the problem lies, because the roaming feature is not available at this Apple clock. Once you get to Turkey, the clock will depend on your iPhone, for your Internet connection. Khashoggi could have replaced the American chip with a local one, but about a year ago, the Apple Support Web forum responded to a question about using that watch in Turkey as an independent agency. "There are currently no service providers in Turkey."

This does not seem to have changed. In other words, Apple's watch can not be used to connect to the Internet in Istanbul unless it is mated to an iPhone phone nearby.

Now, what we do not know is whether the Turkish security forces were able to penetrate Apple Watch's watch, turned it into a remote recording device, and then gave it to Khashoggibefore he entered the consulate or not.

But what seems more likely is that they have other ways of finding out what foreign diplomats are doing, and that the story of the Apple Watch provides a useful cover.

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