The "big gap" in "Huawei MT 20 Pro" The "big gap" in "Huawei MT 20 Pro"

The "big gap" in "Huawei MT 20 Pro"

Abu Dhabi, Germany: The GSM Arena website said there was a "big hole" in the Huawei MT20 Pro, which the company described as the "supernatural", where the recognition of face recognition failed.

German journalist Steffen Hergit, a technology expert, posted a video of him sitting next to a friend who did not look like him, wearing glasses like him, and checking whether his phone would be opened by "wipe the face." The result was shocking: Ignoring all differences between them.

The journalist returned the ball to a similar experiment on another device of the same model, to get the same "disappointing" result.

The error rate in "Huawei MT 20 Pro" should be about 1 per million, because it uses a three-dimensional opening mechanism for the face.

"The phone is easily accessible," he said, asking Huawei to clarify whether the company's experts had tested the device before putting it on the market.

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