A Maryborough meteorite was found by someone who believed it was gold

Australia:- During 2015, David Hall found a red rock in Maryborough, Goldfields, famous for containing gold in Australia, and during those years he tried to extract what was inside, because he believed that gold was inside.

After failing to break the rock, he realized that it was not gold, so he took her to the Melbourne Museum for identification, to discover that it is a meteor that contains something rarer than gold.

The rock contained "mineral raindrops since the formation of the solar system," according to the Science Science website.

People bring rocks to the Melbourne Museum all the time, hoping that they will be meteors, but the mission of geologists at the museum is Dermot Henry and Bill Birch to kindly let them down.

Of the thousands of rocks that the two scientists studied during 37 years at the museum, only meteorites have been discovered.

The moment Hall brought his rock to the museum, in a backpack, it seemed to me a world of enthusiastic geology.

"I looked at a lot of rocks that people think are meteors," said scientist Dermot Henry in a statement published in the daily "The Trend", and in fact, after 37 years working in the museum and examining thousands of rocks, "two of them were real meteors, and this one who are they".

The researchers recently published a scientific paper describing the 4.6 billion-year-old meteorite, which it named "Mariboro Meteorite," after the name of the town close to where it was found.

According to the specifications, the mass of the mass reached 17 kg, and after using a diamond saw to cut a small slice, they discovered that its composition contains a high percentage of iron, which makes it an ordinary "H5" chondrite.

Henry explains that meteorites "provide the cheapest forms of space exploration. They take us back. They provide evidence of the age, composition and chemistry of our solar system, including Earth."

The researchers argue that the "Maryborough meteorite" is much more rare than gold, and is one of only 17 meteorites ever recorded in the Australian state of Victoria, after another massive 55 kilogram sample was found in 2003.

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