Artificial intelligence and additional eyes for soccer referees

September 26, 2020
Artificial intelligence in football stadiums settles controversy over referees' decisions and helps coaches improve players ’performance to achieve maximum benefit from performance Artificial intelligence in football stadiums settles controversy over referees' decisions and helps coaches improve players ’performance to achieve maximum benefit from performance Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Egyptian News Vision: - Barcelona Innovation Lab has signed an agreement with Pixlot to use the company's advanced artificial intelligence technology to support and enhance the capabilities of video analysis, which gives the football club more insights into the movement and development of players during training and during matches.

The company uses a set of advanced algorithms supported by artificial intelligence to track all movements on the field, which ultimately provides what we might call a "virtual coach" that analyzes performance and provides a tactical view of what is actually happening on the field by using different and unique angles.

Which ultimately reflects positively on the development of the famous football team.

Eyes for Rulers:

The "goal line" technology supported by artificial intelligence takes technology to another level altogether. For example, the "critical goal" GDS system is a special ball invented by the German company "Kairos Technology" in cooperation with "Adidas", which transmits a sound An alert is made through a small chip embedded in the ball to the referee’s head to determine whether the ball has crossed the goal or not, and the improved "goal line" technology can pick up mistakes with greater speed and accuracy than any comparison with the human eye.

Artificial Intelligence has also improved the "VAR" technology, which is the technology supported by FIFA.

The technology’s ability to control offside cases in matches has greatly improved, and according to FIFA, the capabilities of artificial intelligence can enhance visual tracking technology in a tremendous way.

The semi-automatic stealth control system is also witnessing a tremendous development by integrating the tracking of players' limbs with artificial intelligence, which means that instead of tracking one point for each player in traditional systems, between 15 and 20 points for each player are currently being tracked.

This system differs from the traditional method of "Far" systems, whereby people make decisions, whether about fixing the frame of movement or setting the line that determines the infiltration process at the moment of passing, but with the improved system, the decision is made entirely electronically.

The use of artificial intelligence does not stop there, but it has begun to contribute to developing strategies for football teams, improving them, and even making decisions that change the rules of the game.

In the normal situation, the coach makes these decisions based on his accumulated experience, or by manually analyzing the competitors' data, including the strengths and weaknesses of the players, the best formations, strategies used in previous matches, and aggregate data over time.

Through the use of artificial intelligence tools, coaches or team officials can have the ability to analyze data and achieve maximum visibility and benefit from it, and it can also help in making future decisions such as choosing team players or buying new players, but most of all, such as These systems help the trainer to make decisions based on abstract facts and exclude all emotional elements from decisions.

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