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Corona virus evokes America's crimes against the world

America and a bloody history against the world, is it the Corona virus? America and a bloody history against the world, is it the Corona virus?

American crimes against the Arabs and the world are chasing them, prompting them to be accused of being behind this deadly virus, published in the second decade of the twenty-first century, which is the new Coronian virus.

From time to time, reports and accusations of the American administration being behind this bacterial pandemic come out, if not from China, from some analysts in the international media.

While awaiting access to a vaccine for this virus, which has made the world isolated islands, we review the crimes of America against humanity, to see through which it is possible that America is behind what is happening in the year 2020?

America killed 1 million and 500 thousand civilians during the Philippine war.

During World War II, 2.5 million civilians were killed under American and British air strikes.

A US ground unit and military aircraft killed between 300 and 400 civilians in the days between 26 and 29 July 1950.

Most of them were women, children, and elderly people in Nogun-ri Village, South Korea. Most of the dead and missing were not identified.

In the Vietnamese war, the number of documented war crimes at the Pentagon reached 360.

Not including the May-Lay massacre, which killed 347-504 civilians in South Vietnam, most of them women and children on March 16, 1968.

Among the US war crimes in Vietnam was the use of chemical spray to destroy, burn, and destroy people, fields, and villages, such as orange, blue, and green spraying.

In 1995, Vietnam claimed that the death toll in the war was 5 million, 4 million of whom were unarmed civilians, while the Minister of Defense when McNamara said in a televised interview later that the death toll was 3 million 400,000.

The bombing carried out by NATO forces with American support in 1999 left at least 400 civilians and at least 5,000 civilians dead. While Human Rights Watch said that the incident was not a war crime, but rather a violation of international humanitarian laws.

Many of the war crimes committed by US forces against civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia have appeared in air strikes against unarmed civilians, rape of women and men, killing or torturing prisoners of war, violating their humanity, genocide, or the use of internationally prohibited weapons.

Where Human Rights Watch made the claim In the war on Iraq, some quarters estimated that, for example, Iraq’s dead amounted to 2 million civilians since the beginning of the war in 2003 and the crime of Abu Ghraib.

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