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Saturday, 02 May 2020 16:19

Google opens the Meet app to all users for free

Faced with the Zoom app Faced with the Zoom app

Egyptian News Vision: Meet became free after it was restricted to business people and the business tool of companies.

And the company "Alphabet", owner of the search engine "Google", made these modifications to the "Meet" application, after the "Zoom" application attracted millions of subscribers who want to break the isolation imposed by the quarantine due to the new Coronavirus.

According to the new amendments to the "Meet" application, which includes one hundred million users daily, it is no longer necessary for the user to have a commercial or educational account to make calls.

The company will gradually open the "Meet" application in the coming weeks, and users can subscribe by entering the service's website.

"Meet" Meet app calls will pass through Google's servers, allowing automatic comments, troubleshooting, and compliance with legal orders for sharing user data.

But consumer calls will not be stored, except for companies and schools that will be able to have exclusive access to meeting records and other options.

Although Google is returning from many of its free services by placing ads there or collecting data about users ’behavior to customize ads, this will not apply to the dead app.

In addition, the Google Cloud Services unit - which developed the Meet app - does not use commercial customer data for advertising purposes, and this will apply to other users. But the free call duration in the Meet Meet app will be only an hour starting in October 2020.

Meet Free app calls will be limited to one host and one hundred participants, which is the same number with the free version of Zoom, but more than the number on Skype and Messenger.

Google aims to deter bad behavior by requiring all participants in the consumer version of the Meet app to log in with a Google account.

The names of the participants and their profile pictures will also be visible on the calls, but their email addresses will not be shared.

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