Hacking the surveillance cameras of "Vercada" customers

March 10, 2021
Hacking the surveillance cameras of "Vercada" customers Hacking the surveillance cameras of "Vercada" customers

Dubai, Daily Times: - The agency "Bloomberg" succeeded in closing the electronic loophole that enabled the hackers to access the videos of "Vercada" customers; After contact with the company, according to what a person called "Mama Tele Kutman", who confirmed his participation in the hacking operations.

"The aim of the combustion process is to show the ubiquity of video surveillance and the ease with which this system is hacked," added Kotman.

A group of cyber-hackers had penetrated a huge collection of surveillance camera data in prisons, hospitals, schools and companies in a number of countries.

The pirate group said it was able to penetrate 150,000 surveillance cameras and access the video archive of clients of "Vercada", which specializes in the field of surveillance cameras that can be controlled via the Internet.

And Bloomberg reported that among the companies affected by the piracy, the car maker, Tesla, and the content delivery network service, CloudFlare.

The hackers were able to view video clips from inside women's health clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and offices of the company "Vercada" itself.

The hackers said: They also have access to the full video archive of all Vercada customers.

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