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Japan is developing an app to encourage teams from afar After the stadium became empty

Japan is developing an app to encourage teams from afar

Egyptian News Vision: - With sports teams playing without fans, a Japanese company created an app that helps encourage, cheer, and shout from a distance during matches.

With the return of the Japanese Baseball League matches on July 19, 2020; To start the Japanese Football League matches, this new application will help fans who watch matches through TV screens in their homes, encourage players on the field, or even shout out their faces through their smartphones.

The new smart technology is for the fan to send pre-recorded chants or through their own personal messages, and all of that will arrive directly to the stadium with giant speakers. Recently, the Yamaha Foundation, which developed the new app, tested it at the Shizuka Stadium, which has a capacity of about 50,000 fans, and is mainly used for football matches with the participation of two clubs in the first Japanese League for the popular game, Jubilo Iwata and Shimizu Pulse.

During the experiment, it was possible for the audience sitting in front of the TV screens to send expressions and shouts of encouragement to the stadium through 58 amplifiers distributed throughout the stadium.

The app allows the public to choose the amplifier they want to convey their encouragement through.


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