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New techniques to detect coronavirus Appareils photo Airbus et montres intelligentes en Chine

New techniques to detect coronavirus

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- With the global medical race to reach a vaccine treatment and vaccine for the Coronavirus, a technological race is running in parallel to reach early detection techniques for COVID 19 disease.

The country, the source of the virus, has tested temperature-monitoring bracelets, alerting through a smart application, if a student has a fever in schools in the Chinese capital, Beijing, to track possible infections.

The bracelets provide real-time temperature data, which can be monitored by schools and parents via a special app.

The European airline industry giant has also begun work on developing an innovative technology that uses ultra-sensitive "sniffer cameras" to detect the emerging coronavirus.

This technology, which Airbus operates, relies mainly on imaging technology that was invented in 2017 to use it to detect explosives.

Similar technology had already been used to screen for cancer and influenza, and it could soon be used to screen for people with the emerging coronavirus.

The sensors in these cameras rely on microprocessors made from biological cells to identify specific chemicals or microbes floating in the air.

Airbus has partnered with California-based Koniko, which specializes in neurotechnology.

It is possible to modify the current technology to help fight the pandemic of the Coronavirus, especially as the virus modifies minor particles produced by humans.

Airbus said in a statement that the receivers in the sensors of olfactory cameras will send a warning message when certain molecular compounds are discovered.

This system will rely on contactless technology and will be faster, cheaper, and more reliable than police dog training.


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