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Nicotine storm as a result of COVID 19 - or is it the same ?? Autoimmune disorders

Nicotine storm as a result of COVID 19 - or is it the same ??

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- When a human body encounters a bacterium, the immune system usually attacks it and then stops after the job is done. But sometimes immune cells get out of control.

Although there are tests and treatment methods that can help the immune system regain control of these cells, the optimal treatment is difficult to determine to treat those who are facing this disorder because of their infection with the Corona virus.

Exposure to various types of infection or an imbalance in some genes, known as "autoimmune disorders", may be a cause of this excessive immune response in the body.

In all of these cases, the body believes that its tissues form foreign bodies, which doctors called the "cytokine storm", in relation to glycoproteins found in dozens, and immune cells are used to communicate and transmit signals between them, and each of them bears the name "cytokine".

Scientists say: These proteins circulate in different places on the body, not just in the affected areas, and begin to attack healthy cells, devour white and red blood cells, and destroy the liver.

At this time, the walls of the blood vessels open to allow immune cells to enter the surrounding tissues.

But these vessels witness a severe leakage of what is inside, to the extent that it may cause the lungs to be covered with fluids, and blood pressure will decrease.

Blood clots also form throughout the body, leading to a greater blockage of the bloodstream.

When a person’s body systems suffer from insufficient blood flow to them, that person may be shocked, threatening permanent damage to this or that organ, or even leading to death.

Most patients with "cytokine" syndrome, say most of the patients feel a very high temperature, says Randy Crohn, a pediatric rheumatologist and, immunologist at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Almost half of them also face some pathological symptoms affecting the nervous system, such as headache, seizures, and even coma.

The first indications that the "cytokine storm" struck people who had suffered severely from (Covid 19) appeared in a Chinese hospital close to the epicenter of the outbreak.

In a study conducted on 29 patients, doctors in the Chinese region of Wuhan said they had registered a rise in the level of two proteins belonging to the "cytokines" family, in the most severe cases of the emerging corona virus.

Signs of the occurrence of "cytokine storm" syndrome, already appearing on a large proportion - may range from 20 percent to 30 percent - of patients, who have suffered severely (Covid-19), and have symptoms in the lungs.

However, details of the picture of the relationship between corona infection and suffering from this syndrome are still evident.

"The Covid-19 virus may in itself constitute a 'cytokine' storm that is somewhat unique," says Randy Kroon.


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