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Samsung on an adventure with China Samsung on an adventure with China

Samsung on an adventure with China

Cairo:-- Korea's giant of electronic industries, Samsung ventures into an indirect competition with the United States, where he announced the use of Chinese technology, which found itself in a dilemma, in front of Google's decisions, to deprive it of its technology.

If America gave the Chinese Huawei more time, before the abolition of Beijing's use of Android technology American, but the intervention of South Korea on the line of competition in the Silicon Valley, it may be an adventure, but it is certainly calculated consequences.

A source familiar with the plans of the South Korean company, said that "the use of China to support the manufacture of a fifth of Samsung's production of smart phones next year may help the company to keep pace with competitors who offer their products at a lower cost such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

Samsung Electronics, which closed its last Chinese smartphone factory in October 2019, is quietly relocating the production of some Galaxy A phones to unknown contractors outside China such as WingTech.

Samsung said in a statement posted on its website that it is producing limited lines of smartphones outside its plants to expand its existing portfolio and to "ensure effective market management."

However, it declined to disclose the number of Samsung phones produced by the original design manufacturers and said future quantities had yet to be determined.


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