The first news anchor with artificial intelligence

November 18, 2020
MBN, a South Korean channel, has the country's first broadcaster to report news using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. MBN, a South Korean channel, has the country's first broadcaster to report news using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: - South Korea has unveiled an AI-powered news anchor who is able to work 24/7.

The use of technology "will enable rapid news delivery in times of emergency for 24 hours without interruption"

MBN has transformed news anchor Kim Joo Ha into an AI that can be fully controlled by the company, and the virtual news anchor - dubbed AI Kim - is said to be nearly identical to her human counterpart, in terms of looks, nuances, and voice, even kidding. Kim's usual pen while reporting and other small gestures has been pretty much imitated.

"AI Kim said it was designed with deep learning for 10 hours of video for Kim Joo Ha, learning the details of her voice, the way she speaks, facial expressions, the way her lips move, and the way her body moves."

"I am able to report the news in the same way that anchorwoman Kim Joo Ha does," she added.

An official at MBN said that using the technology "will enable news to be delivered quickly in times of emergency for a period of 24 hours without interruption," according to the Korean newspaper Bizwaire, and on November 6, 2020, Kim conducted a test alongside her artificial intelligence counterpart while broadcasting Direct, and hinted at the end of the experiment that she hoped the technology would not be mastered soon.

In the clip, which lasts less than two minutes, Kim reads some sample lines from the news.

The artificial intelligence news anchor has repeated every word perfectly without any hindrance, while Kim said, "The pronunciation is correct, but the emotional part looks less like a human, of course.

Artificial intelligence broadcasters can deliver the news faster than humans, but we have to wait to see if they can also capture feelings and emotions, personally, it will be easier if that day comes later. ''

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