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Tuesday, 05 May 2020 13:23

Top 5 apps for the new mobile phone

It works on iOS and Android It works on iOS and Android

1- LastPass app:

Although Google Chrome or Apple Keychain helps keep passwords and auto-completes them, a separate password manager app is necessary.

The free version of LastPass includes many features that you will need, as it allows you to create and store unlimited passwords on your phone.

In addition to storing other important information, such as credit card numbers, encryption of all logins and other information, and synchronization through the cloud, so that you can access it from any other device through the applications or the browser.

2- Authy application:

Although many password management apps support 2FA (two-factor authentication), Authy lets you keep your passwords separate.

3- F-Secure Freedome app:

Using a VPN app is essential to keep your online identity confidential, and the ease of use of services and sites blocked by the F-Secure Freedome app, which is easy to use, runs quietly, and does not consume a lot of phone resources.

4- Tile application:

It comes with the Tile tool, the app is installed in your smartphone or tablet, and the tool runs to easily find lost things, such as: keys and phone.

5- Speedtest app:

Speedtest is a very reliable way to test the speed of a smartphone or tablet network to find the best times to download large files, and to have a comfortable browsing experience at the times you choose.

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