Saturday, 07 December 2019 19:44

Hot video Angie Khoury for Muhammad bin Salman

A hot video, by Syrian artist, Angie Khoury, appears to open a new stage of departure for Saudi Arabia, during which she talks about her admiration for the manhood of Muhammad bin Salman.

A group of Spanish young men and women, who found nothing but this method, as an expression of their opposition to the establishment of clothing and fashion factories against animals and the exploitation of their skin furs in the production of clothing.

After 11 years of diplomatic rupture, Bolivia has not renewed its relationship with Israel, except for the sake of harboring it against left-wing opponents of the government.

In this album are photos of art events, festivals, and the most controversial and controversial views of Egyptian and Arab art stars.

Pictures of Nour, the daughter of the star of the star, Adel Imam, along with the star Amr Diab, spread on communication sites, and drew attention with her beauty, which prompted many to flirt with her beautiful features, and search to find out more about her.

Saturday, 07 December 2019 15:33

90% of cosmetics may include deadly microbes

Within a British study, at Aston University in the United Kingdom, 4 types of makeup, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara were examined, and it was found that there are high levels of bacterial contamination.

To the tunes of the hymn music in the Church of "Mar Maroun" in the Lebanese capital Beirut, the Lebanese actress Jahida Wahba songs of "Tala Al Badr on us", and this is the first time that a singer has performed this artwork.

The repercussions of the agreement concluded by Libya and Turkey to demarcate their maritime borders near the Greek island of Crete are still raging.

Indian police have executed four men accused of raping and killing a veterinarian in the southern city of Hyderabad at the crime scene.

Friday, 06 December 2019 17:27

Shooting at a naval air base in Florida

A shooting incident took place at a US naval air base in Florida, home to some 23,000 military personnel and others working in the area, causing three deaths and an unknown number of wounded.

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