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Top 10 Women in the World 2018, according to Wonders List

Hollywood stars, Bollywood, Turkey, A list prepared by Wonders List for the 10 most beautiful women in the world for 2018, based on fame, attractiveness, intelligence and success in life.

The Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of two stars in the case of adultery

Stars of Kuwait, Stars of Iraq, Kuwaiti media Mai al-Aidan revealed the involvement of a Kuwaiti artist and an Iraqi singer did not name, in the case of adultery, was forced by the singer to marry the Kuwaiti artist and then divorce.

Haifa Wehbe dancing with her boyfriend on Valentine 's Day

Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe published a video clip and photos to celebrate Valentine's Day in a private evening with a group of her friends at a nightclub in Beirut.

What social networking sites do To make you addicted to it ??

Business Insider offers a set of tricks that social networking sites use to make users addicted to following them.

Application of Instagram sends large numbers of alerts known as "Push Notifications"

Uses "Stories" or "Stories" to attract users' attention, which appear many times in different locations of the app.

Egypt honors Algerian fighter Jamila Bouhaird

The National Council of Egyptian Women honored Algerian activist Jameela Bouhaird for her history of struggle.

This honor came during a special ceremony organized by the National Council for Egyptian Women during the visit of Gamila Bouhaird to Egypt, as guest of honor of the second session of the International Aswan Women's Film Festival, organized under the auspices of the National Council for Women in collaboration with the Ministries of Culture and Tourism in Egypt. Bouhaird. "

Iranian passenger plane crashes

The Iranian emergency administration announced that a passenger plane belonging to the internal lines crashed in the south-west, with 66 people on board, while heading from Tehran to Yasuj, before falling on the outskirts of Smirm, Isfahan province.

Photos of Egyptian star Abeer Sabri and beauty and excitement

Egyptian star Abeer Sabri usually appears in full femininity, attractive appearance and bold clothes.

British fashion model Tamara Ecclestone in Peking on the shores of Dubai

The famous British model Tamara Ecclestone, 33, has become one of the most important stars of the reality television in the recent period through photographs taken by photographers wearing bikinis.

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