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Iran: gang kidnapped and raped 41 girls

Iranian police arrested a man accused of participating in the rape of 41 girls from the city of Iranshahr in Sistan and Baluchistan province.

Sex videos of a Saudi young man with children provoking anger in the kingdom

Saudi Arabia posted on Twitter calls to the security authorities demanding the arrest of a young Saudi in the city of "Abha", the recruitment of boys under the age of 17 years to practice sodomy with them, and the dissemination of sex videos through the application of "Snape Chat."

Did Erdogan's hopes sink in the next presidential election in the recent rains?

The latest rains have made cities and provinces of Turkey a hub and a river, amid a state of public anger at the deterioration of the country's infrastructure, posing a threat to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), coinciding with the country's early presidential election. Turkish voters are increasingly complaining about the inability of the authorities to redress the infrastructure problem. , As Turkey witnessed similar drowning in May.

The Turkish capital of Ankara, on May 5 last, heavy rains led to the injury of 6 people and flooded the streets of the city.

Video In Indonesia, the deceased mother insists on taking her son

The deceased mother insisted that she should not leave before she took her son with her to the other house. While the mourners were trying to carry the mother's coffin to the top of the podium, the ladder collapsed and everyone fell on the ground. The coffin fell directly over the forty-year-old son, British newspaper "Metro".

This was during the mourners' attempt to place the coffin of the deceased on a platform similar to the tower, which was set up to receive the bodies before burial.

Horrible video, a British couple are surprised at what happens in their home

The 28-year-old British husband, Paul, and his wife are hearing strange sounds coming from the kitchen of their Manchester home, hearing the sound of the washing machine as if it were spinning, and the toast roasting like bread from the inside.

The couple set up a surveillance camera to record what was happening in their absence. On the evening of June 13, 2018, the couple were shocked when they returned from outside and witnessed what the camera recorded.

Strong earthquake hits western Japan

Japanese public television NHK and the private channel Asahi have confirmed the death toll from the earthquake in the western part of the country, while Osaka police told Agence France-Presse: It can not confirm this information immediately.

According to an initial toll, at least two people were killed, one young girl, more than 200 injured, power outage, rail traffic was suspended, work in a number of factories was halted, and water pipes were blown up.

World Cup 2018, a big problem in the stadium match Tunisia and England

While the Tunisian team seeks to save the face of the Arab football, out of the game of England with a positive result, after the three defeats of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco in the first round of the group stage in the World Cup, but there is a dilemma in the stadium, which will be the match in it.

The Bahraini star Sabreen Bourshid may be Miss Ramadan 2018

The Bahraini star, Sabreen Burshid enjoys a captivating face and remarkable strength, making it one of the most popular Gulf stars to follow through the local media sites.

Sabreen Burshid starred in her lavish Ramadan appearances on the TV channel atv, which impressed everyone with her presence and her integrity.

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