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Star of Egypt and the world, Mohammed Salah, the player who is preparing to score goals in the largest family album

The star of Egyptian and international football, Mohamed Salah, the player who did not know the Koran, has become the talk of the hour, ahead of the stars of the ball in Brazil and Argentina, the player who trains to score the goal, and down the stadiums to make the difference, revealed the newspaper "Daily Star" Was trained on how to score his first goal in the net of Roma, before the start of the game that brought the two teams recently, at the stadium "Anfield," in the "go" semi-finals of the Champions League.

Libya: After the rumor of his death, Hafater returns to Benghazi from Cairo

Spokesman for the General Command of the Armed Forces of Libya, Ahmed Al-Mesmari said that the Marshal Khalifa Hafer will return to Benghazi after holding meetings in Cairo to coordinate the operation of Derna, during an intervention with France 24.

Lebanese singer, Amar a flavored with a nutella

The Lebanese singer Amar published a collection of photographs of her wearing a bikini with the name "Nautla", but she put the word Bella on it.

Medical Anatomy reveals the cause of the death of the Moroccan artist, Wiam Dahmani

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, The results of the medical autopsy of the body of the Moroccan artist Wiam Duhamani confirmed that she suffered a sudden acute heart attack led to her death immediately.

US investigation with Huawei of China

The US authorities are investigating China's Huawei Technologies for violating sanctions against Iran, where Huawei is alleged to have shipped US products to Iran and other countries in violation of US export and sanctions laws.

News of the Justice Department investigation follows a series of US measures aimed at halting or reducing Huawei's and ZTE's access to the US economy amid accusations that the two companies may be using their technology to spy on Americans.

Remove the names of the kings of Saudi Arabia from all establishments and royal orders that the King is the sole source of orders

The Saudi monarch, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz issued urgent orders not to take any action without his personal permission, and remove the names of kings from all establishments in the kingdom, according to the newspaper Okaz .

Disconnecting diplomatic relations between Kuwait and the Philippines

Kuwait has cut diplomatic ties with the Philippines, where it asked the Philippine ambassador to leave the country within a week and recalled its ambassador in Manila, according to the Kuwait News Agency.

Miss Britain, Shannon Walker faces prison for inciting murder

A British court sentenced Miss Britain in 2012, Shannon Walker, for inciting a man to be shot, resulting in permanent disability in his leg.

The 23-year-old Shannon Walker was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison after being convicted by Devonte Harris and Chans Nolan for shooting at the man in broad daylight. The British city of Yellowpool, in September 2017.

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